Hello, I'm TAHA KHAN




Hello! I'm Taha, I'm a keen learner and believe in an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the world. I'm currently an undergraduate studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics.

Outside of academia, I produce online video content for YouTube where I focus on the intersection of education, critical thinking and comedy. This comes from my passion for increasing political and economic literacy in young people, especially with rising levels of sensationalism and political apathy.

I spend a little too much time on Twitter, at @khanstopme, which is known for comedic insights into politics, current events, and culture.


Skills and Interests


Online Content with High Engagement

The online world can be an invaluable tool for broadcasting a message you believe in. I am fascinated by the mix of qualitative and quantitative elements of developing methods to increase interest around content. With monthly Twitter engagement over 400 times the followers, 25% engagement on Instagram posts and 30-60% engagement in the first week of YouTube uploads, I believe in cultivating engaged communities around quality content.

Encouraging Political and Economic Literacy

Young people can be a formidable section of the electorate given adequate political & economic education. I believe in developing initiatives to make politics accessible to younger demographics. I have worked with Gina Miller's "Best For Britain" campaign to encourage youth turnout. Additionally, I have collaborated with Ebury to promote D'Ancona's book Post Truth to engage young people in modern day politics. Currently, I am co-writing Nerdonomicsan economics explainer series with a pop culture twist.




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Panels Coordinator - Summer in the City 2017

Summer in the City is the UK’s largest YouTube and online video festival, with over 200 featured creators and over 11,000 attendees.

As Panels Coordinator, I was responsible for assembling panel line-ups for a variety of topics. This required an understanding of not only the industry, but how to configure panellists to create interesting conversations. Additionally, I was involved in handling invitations, registration, and communications with panellists. 

I pride myself in increasing the representation of diverse voices and conversations around social issues such as ethnicity, LGBTQ+ and women online. This year saw the debut of a panel for discussing the intersection of being a black woman online and a disabilities online panel.

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#CreatorsforChange Fellow - Youtube

YouTube Creators for Change is a global initiative that incubates content with creators who are tackling social issues and promoting awareness, tolerance, and empathy on their YouTube channels.

As a Creators for Change Fellow, I am creating meaningful content tackling these social issues and promoting tolerance in creative ways. I am currently in preproduction for a video series with a political comedy focus.


consultancy and Speaking - Various

From what I've learned about creating engagement on content online, I have done consultancy work with charities, non-profits and YouTubers for campaigns designed to increase engagement. These have varied from a Patreon launch to developing an online presence for a charity with more traditional outreach methods.

Additionally, I have moderated panels and workshops from topics related to social relationships in the online world to ethnicity.


Khanstopme - Youtube Channel

KHANSTOPME is my personal YouTube channel where I create content on the intersection between education, critical thinking and comedy.

I use the channel to experiment with ideas and formats. I have used the KHANSTOPME project to gain practical experience on running and maintaining an online brand.


Radio Show - RAW.FM

I hosted and produced a weekly radio show that covered three topics from the British news with a new guest every week. The aim was to have nuanced conversations that does away with the political jargon that alienates young people from the dialogue. We aimed to bring in guests from backgrounds outside of social science, from music to chemistry, to prevent insular discussions.


Featured Creator - Buffer Film Festival 2017

I was invited to screen my short film, Dave is a Racist, at Buffer Film Festival 2017. My goal was to create a comedic stop motion film that gives commentary on radicalisation in the current political climate. I aimed to deconstruct a complex issue to its most simplest form, allowing the audience to draw the lines between the dots