T&Cs and General Information

Payment should be made within 30 calendar days of this invoice being issued. It is to be noted that the Contractor is entitled to claim a £40 late fee in accordance to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 alongside interest at a rate of 8%+, made up of the Bank of England’s base rate for business to business transactions at the time of receipt, plus 8% statutory interest based upon the original fee.

After the initial 30 calendar day deadline for payment, a new invoice will be issued to cover the £40 late fee, and every 7 days thereafter an invoice will be sent covering the interest amounted for unpaid work. Each invoice after the 30 day calendar day deadline will incur a £10 admin fee. Payments are to be made via bank transfer or in person where an appropriate cash exchange has been agreed upon between Client and Contractor. Any receipts for assets from third party vendors that were paid for by the Contractor on behalf of the Client will be on the following pages, and will be clearly included in the total fee made payable above.

Please refer to any working contract(s) both parties have signed for further terms and conditions.